How thick should my topsoil be?

While lawn maintenance is a key factor, a robust soil base is considered the foundation of a lush and enviable yard. Unfortunately, if you are having issue with your lawn, you might find it very challenging to make any changes to the soil since the grass is already firmly in place. Addressing this dilemma entails more […]


What are the different types of firewood?

During the cold winter months nothing beats good company, a hot cup of cocoa and, of course, a warm, crackling fire in a fireplace. While the first two are usually easy to find, the third requires you possess basic know-how on the different types of firewood as not all are suitable for use in fireplaces. […]


How do I make my grass grow? The secrets to growing a healthier and greener lawn

1. FERTILISING Do not mix fertilisers. For instance, mixing natural and synthetic fertilisers will not work on your lawn. They would work if used separately but mixing both will not turn out effective. If you go for chemical-based fertilisers, use it regularly. Experts recommend that you feed it to your lawn every six weeks. Fertilisers won’t […]