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Decorative Gravel

Gravel Suppliers Sydney – Call us today – we deliver anywhere in Sydney, 7 days a week.

Gravel is used for drainage, filling or decorative purposes. It is often paired with pavers for a great aesthetic finish.
If you’re hunting for gravel, decorative pebbble and pavers in Sydney, Turtle Nursery and Landscaping Supplies stocks a solid range of all you’ll need for these projects. These are just some of the many landscaping materials that Sydney gardeners, landscapers and tradesmen can find here, all under the one roof.

Here are some tips to be aware of generally when ordering :

  • These are natural products from the ground and their colouring may vary from load to load. So if it needs to match, buy in one batch!
  • Pebbles and gravel come in a few different sizes. The smaller sizes around 7 mm to 20 mm range – are suitable for paths or driveways, whereas the bigger sizes, like 40 mm, are generally too big to walk and drive on
  • As a rule of thumb, the larger the pebble size the larger the quantity you need to cover an area. We recommend a minimum depth that is double the pebble size.
  • When it comes to pebbles on driveways, remember that driving on rounded (not crushed) pebbles can be like driving on marbles. So it is not good to use that type of stone if a driveway is on a hill. If the hill is too steep, smooth round pebbles can make it impossible to drive up, for lack of traction.
  • Also, be aware pebbles tend to slowly move to the bottom of a slope, over a period of use.

Our wide range is sure to cover all you’ll need for your every application. Larger rocks are available as well.  Call our friendly staff today to enquire or order. Contact us for information on gravel, stones, pebbles and many other landscaping options:

Turtle Rouse Hill Ph: 02 9629 2299
Turtle South Windsor Ph: 02 4574 3299


1T3/4T1/2T1/4T20KG BAG
Round River (10, 20, 40, 50, 120mm)120.0092.0062.0033.0012.00
Lucky Stones (100-300mm)120.0092.0062.0033.0012.00
Smokey White Quartz (14mm)180.00137.0092.0048.0014.00
Cowra White Gravel (14mm)180.00137.0092.0048.00
Cowra White Gravel (10, 20, 40mm)220.00167.00112.0058.0014.00
Griffith Red Gravel (7, 10, 14mm)210.00159.50107.0055.5014.00
Pearl Gravel (10mm)150.00114.5077.0040.5012.00
Crushed Tile (10mm)170.00129.5087.0045.5012.00
Aussie Brown (7, 10mm)120.0092.0062.0033.0012.00
White Scoria (20mm)150.00114.5077.0040.5012.00
Aussie Gold (10, 14mm)170.00129.5087.0045.5014.00
Aussie Gold (20, 40mm)220.00167.00112.0058.0014.00
Charcoal (5-20mm)220.00167.00112.0058.0014.00
Polished Black Pebbles (10-20, 20-60, 60-80mm) Bags Onlyn/an/an/an/a25.00
Snow White (10-15, 20-30, 50-70mm, Extra Lge) Bags Onlyn/an/an/an/a25.00

Polished Black Pebble and Snow White Pebble are only available in Bags.


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