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Turtle Nursery and Landscaping Supplies has a huge range of building supplies in stock, including cement, Bondcrete, galvanised spikes, Roof Bond, oxides, agricultural and PVC piping, damp course, and much more.

Bitumen Coated Aluminium Damp Course – 300mm x 30m (roll)110.00
Bitumen Coated Aluminium Damp Course – 350mm x 30m (roll)120.00
Damp Course 110mm Polythene (roll)11.00
Geotextile Bidium 0.6m (per mtr)1.40
Geotextile Bidium 1m (per mtr)2.20
Geotextile Bidium 2m (per mtr)4.20
Geotextile Bidium 0.6m x 50m roll60.00
Geotextile Bidium 1m x 50m roll80.00
Geotextile Bidium 2m x 50m roll160.00
Bondcrete 1L28.00
Bondcrete 2L37.00
Bondcrete 4L68.00
Bondcrete 15L160.00
Bondcrete 20L185.00
Bycol 1L Clear & Dark9.50
Bycol 5L Clear & Dark22.00
Bycol 20L Clear & Dark55.00
Expansion Joint 2.4 x 100m8.00
Expansion Joint 2.4 x 75mm7.00
Expansion Joint 2.4 x 50mm6.00
Render Corners (Gal Beads) 2.45.50
Render Corners (Gal Beads) 2.66.00
Render Corners (Gal Beads) 2.86.50
Render Corners (Gal Beads) 3.07.00
Render Corners (Gal Beads) Stainless16.00
Render Corners (Gal Beads) Plastic6.00
Roof Bond – various colours37.00
Selleys Paintworks – various colours40.00
Sarking – 30m x 1.5m (roll)75.00
Wakaflex 280mm x 5mm150.00
Wakaflex 370mm x 5m220.00
Wakaflex 500mm x 5m300.00

Galvanised Spikes

100mm x 4.5mm0.2020.0050.00115.00
125mm x 5.6mm0.3020.0050.00115.00
150mm x 5.6mm0.3520.0050.00115.00
175mm x 5.6mm0.40n/a50.00115.00
150mm x 9.0mm0.80n/a55.00115.00
175mm x 9.0mm0.80n/a55.00115.00
200mm x 9.0mm0.90n/a55.00115.00
225mm x 9.0mm1.00n/a55.00115.00
250mm x 9.0mm1.10n/a55.00115.00

Agricultural Pipe

10m (Unsocked)20m (Unsocked)10m (Socked)20m (Socked)
65mm Diameter20.0040.0030.0058.00
100mm Diameter30.0048.0048.0088.00

PVC Pipe

90mm x 5mm x 6m Stormwater Pipe22.00
100mm x 35mm x 6m PVC Sewer Pipe35.00

Drains and Pits

Strip Drain 1m22.00
Strip Drain 3m65.00
End Caps5.50
90° Corner35.00
Uni Pit-Plastic Grate18.00
Uni Pit-Aluminium Grate33.00
Rainwater Pit18.00
Stormwater Pit40.00


100mm x 3m40.00
75mm x 3m34.00
50mm x 3m32.00
Plate Connectors0.75
Pin Guides0.85
90° Corner2.00
150 Spikes1.30
300 Spikes1.80


Black Plastic (per metre)2.00
Black Plastic 2m x 100m Roll95.00
Shade Cloth Knitted1.8m (per metre)8.00
Shade Cloth Knitted 3.6m (per metre)15.00
Shade Cloth Knitted 50m x 1.8m Roll300.00
Shade Cloth Knitted 50m x 3.6m Roll600.00
Mulch Mat (per metre)2.00
Mulch Mat 50m x 1.8 Roll70.00
Weed Control Mat 1.8m (per metre)2.00
Weed Control Mat 50m x 1.8m Roll70.00
Weed Control Mat 900mm (per metre)1.50
Weed Control Mat 50m x 900mm Roll45.00
Orange Polythene 2mx50mx200mm (per metre)3.00
Orange Polythene 2mx50mx200um Roll90.00
Orange Polythene 4mx50mx200um (per metre)6.00
Orange Polythene 4mx50mx200um Roll170.00


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