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Mulch and Wood chip Supplies

Looking to buy wood chips or mulch in Sydney to give your landscaping that professional finish?

Wood Chip and Mulch not only looks good; it also has a very functional purpose for your garden. It provides a thick protective layer that helps to hold moisture in the soil, which stops your plants from drying out as quickly and reduces the need for frequent watering. Garden Mulch can protect plant roots during harsh winter and summer weather, inhibits weed germination and, depending of which type you use, it can also give your garden a boost of nutrients as it breaks down.

So, what is mulch? The mulch and Wood Chip at Turtle Nurseries is organic material made from timber off-cuts from sawmills and by-products of tree removal and trimming, which is spread or laid over the surface of the soil. We also have in stock lucerne, sawdust and sugar cane mulches.

In all, Turtle Nurseries stocks sixteen different types of mulches and chip at our two convenient centres at Rouse Hill and South Windsor. Our mulch comes in different types, giving it infinite possibilities for use.

See below for the latest Mulch price.


M33/4M31/2M31/4M360 Ltr Bag
Red Coloured Chip70.0054.5037.0020.509.00
Black Coloured Chip70.0054.5037.0020.509.00
Pine Bark (10, 14, 25mm)70.0054.5037.0020.509.00
Eucalyptus Mulch74.0057.5039.0021.509.00
Pine Flake42.0033.5023.0013.50n/a
Tea Tree Mulch75.0058.2539.5021.75n/a
Hardwood Chip62.0048.5033.0018.509.00
Softwood Chip – On Special45.0035.7524.5014.259.00
Leaf Mulch30.0024.5017.0010.50n/a
Forest Mulch30.0024.5017.0010.50n/a
Cypress Woodchip67.0052.2535.5019.759.00
Cypress Mulch85.0065.7544.5024.259.00
Saw Dust46.0036.5025.0014.50n/a
Softfall 10mm Certified Playsafe75.0058.2539.5021.759.00

Other Mulches

Tea Tree Mulch16.00
Sugar Cane Mulch15.00


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