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Sand Supplies

Need to get your hands on some sand? Let us help!

Perhaps you’re looking for sand supplies for concreting, paving, rendering, blending with potting mix or for a children’s sandpit. Whatever the purpose we are your sand man!

Turtle Nursery and Landscape Supplies is your sand supplier for every purpose. You can bring your ute or trailer and collect it. Alternatively, if you don’t fancy loading your car full of sand, we can deliver it to wherever you require, seven days a week. Our two big Sydney outlets at Rouse Hill and South Windsor stock a huge range of sand supplies as well as landscape, garden and building supplies. Check out our prices and call us today.


1T3/4T1/2T1/4T20KG BAG
Fill Sand46.0036.5025.0014.508.00
Paving Sand70.0054.5037.0020.508.00
Washed River Sand77.0059.7540.5022.258.00
Coarse Washed River Sand77.0059.7540.5022.258.00
Sydney/Newcastle Sand70.0054.5037.0020.508.00
Yellow Brickie Sand67.0052.2535.5019.758.00
Pool Sand67.0052.2535.5019.758.00
White Brickie Sand75.0058.2539.5021.758.00
Double Washed White Sand83.0064.2543.5023.758.00
Sand & Metal Mix85.0065.7544.5024.508.00
P. Course Sand83.0064.2543.5023.758.00


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South Windsor
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