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Decomposed Granite

Create a low-maintenance surface that’s both attractive and hard wearing using decomposed granite.

Decomposed granite is available in four stylish colours.

Decomposed granite is ideal for walking paths or car park areas, especially when stabilised with cement or lime it can also be used as a garden cover instead of gravel or mulch.

It is more commonly used for paths ways or driveways.

When used for path or driveway we recommend a good solid base of road base. When stabilising with cement typically use 2 bags of off white cement per tonne.

Mixing can be done by turtle, we do charge a mixing fee, but remember that when mixed with cement you only have a couple of hours to get the mix laid and compacted.

When stabilising with hydrated lime typically us 1 bag to the tonne. Using hydrated lime gives you more time to finish the job but should still be finished in a timely fashion.


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1T 3/4T 1/2T 1/4T 20KG BAG
Decomposed Granite – Bronze 77.00 59.75 40.50 22.25 12.00
Decomposed Granite – Brown 82.00 63.50 43.00 23.50 12.00
Decomposed Granite – Pink 87.00 67.25 45.50 24.75 12.00
Decomposed Granite – Gold 87.00 67.25 45.50 24.75 12.00


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