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Concrete Products

Pre-set Concrete Slabs and stepping stones are a terrific way to go, to save money, time and effort. They are especially good for quick DIY projects, such as making a base for a garden shed, or creating pathways or edges for trees and garden areas.

You can achieve some attractive visual effects by placing larger rectangular or square concrete slabs some distance apart and filling the spaces between them with decorative gravel, especially down the side of a house. Similarly, with concrete stepping stones you can create your own pathways or patterns without the fuss of concrete formwork, mixing and setting time.

Concrete mower strips used as a garden border make mowing and edging a breeze. Round and kidney shaped stepping stones and concrete tree rings offer practical options for your outdoor areas.

Call us to arrange your order and pick up, or we can deliver. This range of concrete products allows you to bypass some of the hard work and get satisfying results, quickly and easily.

For all enquiries and for friendly advice, contact Turtle Nurseries and Landscaping Supplies.

Turtle Rouse Hill Ph: 02 9629 2299
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Concrete Products

Tree Rings – Small Half (pair) 18.00
Tree Rings – Full 18.00
Tree Squares – Small one piece 15.00
Tree Squares – Large one piece 16.00
Mower Strips 900mm 15.00
Mower Strips Corner (Inside/Outside) 15.00
Stepping Stones Kidney Shape 14.00
Stepping Stones Round 330mm 10.00
Stepping Stones Round 400mm 13.00
Step and Riser 760mm long 65.00
Step and Riser 914mm long 70.00
Step and Riser 1200mm long 90.00
Step and Riser 1800mm long 160.00

Concrete Slabs

330 x 330mm 9.50
300 x 450mm 10.50
300 x 600mm 14.50
500 x 500mm 16.50
450 x 600mm 15.50
600 x 600mm 18.50


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