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Soils & Manures

Are you digging around for good quality soil supplies in Sydney? Then dig no further!

Whether it’s top-dressing for your lawn, soil for a new garden bed or soil to freshen up an existing bed, at Turtle Nursery and Landscape Supplies we have soils for every corner of your yard.

You can even freshen up your garden beds with cow or duck manure, or our top-quality mushroom compost.

There’s no need to toil over soil or topsoil. We can provide advice about the best product for you including potting soil and, if you have no way to get it home, we can take care of that as well.

Bring in your ute or trailer to one of our two big Sydney outlets, or we’ll come to you anywhere in Sydney, 7 days a week. Can’t make it in? Then just give us a call and we can organise orders over the phone. That’s soil supply made easy!

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1T3/4T1/2T1/4T20KG BAG
Premium Top Dressing77.0059.7540.5022.258.00
80/20 Top Dressing57.0044.7530.5017.258.00
80/20 Turf Underlay57.0044.7530.5017.258.00
Top Soil52.0041.0028.0016.008.00
Recycled Turf Underlay30.0024.5017.0010.50n/a

Soil Mixes

1 M33/4M31/2 M31/4M325 Ltr Bag
Organic Garden Mix57.0044.7530.5017.258.00
Veggie Mix67.0052.2535.5019.758.00
Premium Garden Mix62.0048.5033.0018.508.00
Soil Conditioner62.0048.5033.0018.50n/a
Potting Mix125.0095.7564.5034.254.50
Native Mix62.0048.5033.0018.508.00


M33/4 M31/2 M31/4 M325 Ltr Bag
Cow Manure85.0065.7544.5024.254.50
Mushroom Compost35.0028.2519.5011.754.50
Duck Manure35.0028.2519.5011.75n/a


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