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Quarry and Recycled Products

Turtle Nursery and Landscape Supplies stocks blue metal, road base, metal dust, ashes, crushed sandstone.

We also off a range of recycled products, including road base, asphalt, concrete aggregate and concrete dust.
Bring your ute or trailer, or we’ll deliver to you anywhere in Sydney 7 days a week. Compare our prices today.

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Quarry Products

Product1T3/4T1/2T1/4T20KG BAG
Blue Metal (5, 10, 20mm)80.0062.0042.0023.008.00
Road Base (20mm)65.0050.7534.5019.258.00
Metal Dust62.0048.5033.0018.508.00
Ashes(in M3*)25 Ltr**40.00*32.00*22.00*13.00*6.00** 25ltr
Crushed Sandstone (75mm minus)44.0035.0024.0014.00n/a
Basalt (63mm)100.0077.0052.0028.00n/a
Basalt (90-250mm)100.0077.0052.0028.00n/a
DGB Road Base (20mm)69.0053.7536.5020.25n/a

Recycled Products

Product1T3/4T1/2T1/4T20KG BAG
Recycled Roadbase46.0036.5025.0014.50n/a
Recycled Concrete Agg(10, 20mm)55.0043.2529.5016.757.00
Recycled Asphalt 46.0036.5025.0014.50n/a
Recycled Concrete Dust45.0035.7524.5014.25n/a
Recycled Concrete Agg 40/7055.0043.2529.5016.75n/a


Cnr Windsor & Rouse Roads
Rouse Hill
PH: 02 9629 2299

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Cnr Racecourse & Blacktown Roads
South Windsor
PH: 02 4574 3299

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